Monday, April 18, 2005

"Web services may collapse under its own weight"

On March 4th, 2005 Jonathan Schwartz, president of Sun Microsystems wrote:
I'm beginning to feel that all the disparate web service specs and fragmented standards activities are way out of control. Want proof? Ask one of your IT folks to define web services. Ask two others. They won't match. We asked folks around the room - it was pretty grim. It's either got to be simplified, or radically rethought.

He is right. I vote for radically rethought.

Web services are basically services (applications) provided across the internet using the web infrastructure. This is a flawed idea from the beginning, because this infrastructure was not designed to do this. I am not saying that it can not be done, or will not work. What I am saying is that it is sub-optimal. The proof is that no one would design it this way, if the web had not already been in existance.

That is why I like my New I/O system. It is simple. Very simple. You may think that it is a negative calling something simple, like calling something simple minded for example, but it is not. In the computer field, as in good writing, simplicity is elegance.

A couple of other points. He is also right about C/C++. It is very much still alive, which is why I am basing my system on it. Also, he is right about Java, although, I think it is because the alternatives are limited, and Sun was disproportionally influencial during the internet era, rather than because it is the best possible solution.


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