Monday, April 18, 2005

FISL 6.0

My strategy for New I/O is to create an open source platform and attract developers who are better coders than me to the project. If the platform were then to achieve wide-spread use, then there would be a great oportunity to form a company to commercialize it by selling support, enhancements, applications, etc.

To that end I have applied at various Free Software Conferences, in an attempt to garner publicity for my project. One of them was FISL 6.0, the 6th International Free Software Forum, June 1-4, 2005, in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. I had not heard from them in some time, so I was not hopeful, but tonight I got this e-mail:

Hello Chris Nystrom,

We're in the last step in fisl6.0's lecture selection process. We had a
high number of submitted proposals, all of high quality and,
unfortunatelly, we cannot accept them all in our program.

We inform you that your lecture proposal for fisl6.0, with title
"newio - an internet application environment",
have not entered this year program yet, but there's still a
possibility of it being accepted, depending on other factors.

Therefore, we ask you to wait: as soon as we can, we
will notify you of the final result.

Feel free to contact us to solve any doubts you may have by e-mail:


fisl6.0 Program Committee

Cool! I am still in the running! This would really be a big boost to my project to get some exposure like this.


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