Sunday, July 17, 2005

Preliminary Report is In

I have completed my library that implements a dual threaded client server messaging system. At my work behind the slow firewall I was getting about 8 transactions per second. With this new library I am getting 800. It is even faster than I expected. Very exciting.

In fact, to do 20,000 messages (10,000 in each direction) takes about 21 seconds on my home machine. To do it through the slow firewall connection at work it take about 25 seconds. There is hardly a difference. It is amazing. I am thinking that you will hardly be able to tell that you are running an application across the network.

I can not wait to finish integrating it with my application browser and see what it looks like visually.

Apple Abandoning Java?

From this Slashdot article it appears that Apple is abandoning Java. It does not look to me like the future is Java.