Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dreadnought Software

Dreadnought Software licenses software and provides training and consulting on an open source Internet application platform that we created called NewI\O. This non-web based system overcomes the
limitations of the world wide web as an application platform by using a custom secure duplex messaging protocol that we intend to make an Internet standard. The NewI\O system consists of a universal client that we call the Dreadnought Application Browser, a small server process and a library/API.

With this library/API the NewI\O system allows organizations to develop powerful and easy to use applications and still keep the data confined to servers in the data center where the data can be properly managed and secured. NewI\O provides all of the advantages of a thin client architecture, without the limitations of the web and without the lock-in of hardware and proprietary solutions. The cost and risk to transition to NewI\O is minimal.

The primary market for Dreadnought Software is the software as a service industry. We intend to save the world from web based applications and profit from that transformation. We are looking for financial, legal and general business assistance to accomplish our mission from high character partners we can trust.

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