Thursday, March 01, 2007

Book Outline

Beyond the Web with NewI\O
by Chris Nystrom

1. Why Internet applications?
2. What is wrong with current solutions?
3. What is NewI\O and How does it work?
4. Downloading, Installing and Running Dreadnought
5. Your First Program: Hello NewI\O!
6. Advanced NewI\O Programming
7. Extending the System: Adding to the API
8. Debugging NewI\O Programs
9. Running Your own NewI\O Server

Appendix A: NewI\O Links
Appendix B: NewI\O FAQ
Appendix C: NewI\O API


Alan said...

How about a provocative chapter title like "The Browser Killer". Obviously the browser will not go away but we will attempt to "kill" the browser as the preferred APPLICATION sandbox. This title could replace the more mundane "What is wrong with current solutions?"

Chris said...

That is a good idea!