Tuesday, December 12, 2006

[ANNOUNCE] NewI\O (Alpha Version 0.11 Build 062)

The NewI\O team is pleased to announce the latest release:

NewI\O (Alpha Version 0.11 Build 062)

"Saving the world from web programming."

What is NewI\O?

NewI\O is a system for running programs on the Internet.

What is new?

This release adds the performance improvements developed for the
Dallas demo. It includes batch messages and interthread queues. Also
two new games are included.

Where can I get it?

You can get individual parts of the system from the download links on
the web site or you can get the whole thing at:



Alpha, very alpha. Major sections, such as security, are still to be


The NewI\O is system is free software. It is released under the GPL.
Libraries are released under the LGPL.


Sam Lantinga, Ryan C. Gordon and the rest of the SDL team
Bob Pendleton - Font and text routines
Ryan Mcguigan - SDL_prim library
Steve Gettel - Interthread queues

We would be interested in any comments that you have.

The NewI\O Team
December 12, 2006

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